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April 6, 2014
We contacted Gary when we were looking at a piece of property to build our dream home. Prior to purchasing the land in which to build, Gary met us at the land because we wanted to make sure it was suitable to our needs. Gary, myself & my wife walked the parcel and described our vision of what we wanted. After Gary assessed the plans he assured us he could make our dream come true. He wrote an estimate for us & then a contract. We hired him immediately. And he went to work clearing the parcel (it was heavily wooded).Put in a great driveway, (better than the one I asked for). He dug our basement/foundation, worked closely with our builder, mason & civil engineer. He did our septic & leach field, trenches for our electrical
power & water, ran the piping for our well. Came over on a Sunday morning and put in an extra trench to run power to an unplanned shed. After the building of the house was complete he came back in the spring (just like he said he would) and fine tuned the contours of the lawn brought in so many loads of top soil for our lawn that I lost count, then raked everything and seeded the lawn. And then came back to make sure it was growing in nicely.
We can't thank him enough for helping us make our dream house a reality. Our yard & lawn is the envy of the entire neighborhood. We'd hire him again without hesitation. In todays world it is refreshing to know there are still good contractors out there like Gary, honest & hard working. A man who keeps his word, does what he says he's going to do.